About this site


This is my personal website. I post my own thoughts, photos and videos and also write about stuff that I stumbled upon. While I encourage comments and do ask you to leave them if you have some, I will moderate all of them and remove any comment that I find inappropriate.


The core of this page consists of regular blog posts and posts under personal projects. You can find them under their categories, listed under the main menu.
Most posts are associated with tags. You can see all of them in the footer of the site.
By adding /feed to most of the pages URL you can follow that page in your RSS reader. This way you can choose to follow my 12v posts, and no other. (example: http://www.robi-bobi.net/category/12v/feed)
If you go to upper right corner of this site, two icons will appear. The first one is here so that you can adjust font size, and the second to adjust page width of the site.


At year 2001 I created my first personal site, hosted on my faculty server dedicated to students.
Later on, robi-bobi.net was my new web home. During early days of 2005 I decided to use open source blog publishing software serendipity: s9y.com. This is how my blog was born. For almost five years, s9y has been a good servant. I tried to contribute back with few posts for s9y users, some in English and later on in Bulgarian.

In world of blog CMS softwares, wordpress is the big guy. At 2005 s9y was way ahead – automatic plugin upgrades, smarty, real themes, working multilanguage plugin etc. While s9y had and still has some advantages (mostly source and project related), recently I decided to go with WP. Mostly because of bigger community. If you are choosing your blog platform, I do recommend both of them. Try them out and decide for yourself.

So, thank you S9Y and WP.

This site uses somewhat modified Mistique theme.


The blog started in English. Later I was writing in both Bulgarian and English, just so that I then decided that it was too time consuming and started blogging in Bulgarian only. Now, when I have gathered together some more features, I plan to continue blogging in my native language, but to keep site and projects pages in English.


I try to find my real self and to improve during that seeking. This applies to my personal site, too. This is the latest version. You can see previous versions in this archive. In case you have some thoughts or comments, please send them at contact page.