Serendipity reloaded

For a long time I wanted to do upgrade to my blog software (I use Serendipity). Yesterday I had few minutes of free time and I decided to download latest stable version and at least take a look at READMEs. What surprised me was the fact that all I had to do is to upload files over the old ones and Serendipity should do the rest.

Hm, sound nice. I created fresh backup of files and database and uploaded the version 0.8.4.

After that Serendipity automatically found what version I was using, and asked me if I want to do the changes manually or allow it to do upgrades. I didn’t have much more time, so I choosed second option, hoping that I won’t have to do a lot of fixes later. Few seconds later I saw:
‘Upgrading to 0.8’,
‘Upgrading to 0.8.1’,
‘Upgrading to 0.8.2’,
‘Upgrading to 0.8.3’,
‘Upgrading to 0.8.4’

comming on the screen.
Wow, everything worked. 🙂
There were some changes that I made in the template (tpl) files, so I lost them. I decided to find some plugin which will allow me to edit page header. Thanks to great
Spartacus *
I managed to take a look at available plugins, find what I needed and install it in less than 30 seconds. Amazing!

* [S]erendipity [P]lugin [A]ccess [R]epository [T]ool [A]nd
[C]ustomization/[U]nification [S]ystem – Allows you to download plugins
from our online repository

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