New entries to my blog list

Today I added two new links in list of blogs I read: Cvele and bluesman
I know the from two serbian forums but I found their blogs those days.

They have really interesting entries, so go there and read them 🙂

rbCMS – free php news script

One of my projects is rbCMS. It has available demo online.

If you use it for non-comercial purposes – it is free.

The problem is that I have not worked on it for a long time.
But what surprised me is that this month I received few requests for rbCMS source code.
I made a small research for a web pages that link to rbCMS. Wow, portals and sites containing php scripts have added it to their lists on their own. Interesting…

Maybe I should do some changes and make rbCMS a bit closer to what I see as version 1.0. The other problem is that the code there was written years ago and I would done it in a totally different matter.

Hm, so many things to do – and so little time …
We’ll see…

List of blogs I read

If you haven’t noticed there is a list of blogs I read – in the right column, below shoutbox entries.

Today I added a new link: Inside Firefox. Plenty of interesting information for all Firefox users.

P.S. I see that number of unique visitors slightly grows, which makes me happy 🙂

Tutorials – php, js, css, photo

I am thinking about starting new site:

I will post there some tutorials that can be usefull. I already have two in mind:
– tutorial about showing and hiding part of html pages with javascript and css (by using div and tr tags)
– tutorial about XmlHttpRequests (hm, I might even write some library and post it to :

My photo gallery at

While I work on gallery for my site – you can take a look at my account at There are some chosen pictures – some of them taken with my old (and now sold) Canon Powershot A80.

Newer ones are made with Canon EOS 300D (Canon EOS Digital Rebel). Actually, I almost never delete EXIF data, so you can see it from the pictures themself.

Interesting site

take a look at Bulgaria photos – I have uploaded some mine 😉

Google code: Summer of Code




I have made so many photos and almost none of myself.

This weekend I worked on this and here is the result – selfportrait with Title: ‘It’s not so black’

Click on thumbnail for bigger version

Brainbench certificate

Mine Brainbench certificate for job role Web Developer BCIP (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional Program) has arrived 🙂
In order to earn this certificate I have taken following exams:

HTML 4.0
Programming Concepts
RDBMS Concepts
Web Development Concepts

If I have payed for taking those tests (some of them are payed) – I would have to pay 349,65$. But, there are periods when all tests are free (very short periods and not so often), and I took andvantage of them – I payed 0$.

The most interesting thing is that Brainbench mailed me my job role certificate free of charge. It was month and a half ago.
Yesterday I picked big letter from my mailbox – it was in!

Almost not damaged (kind of surprised), just little twisted.

And if you ask yourself how it looks like, here it is:

Back to work

Monday and Tuesday were non-working days, due to National holiday St Kiril and St Methody.

Four days of rest.

Now recharged with energy – back to standard tasks. Also, I have some more ideas for my standalone projects (but, I will write about them later)

Few more pictures

Now where
now where

On the edge
On the edge

My love

my love

I believe

I Believe

IT soccer

STANGA super socker team won all games until the final. There were 24 teams.

We played with Telelink. Game ended with 0:0.
At last Telelink had better luck with penalties – 5:4 for them.
It was good game – I hope we will meet in the next league at the finals 🙂

So, second place and silver medals again for us 😛

Better next time!

Forza Stanga

WebTech2005 conference pictures

I have uploaded some pictures from the conference


PHP PEAR at WebTech 2005 by Robert Ivanov

My presentation about PHP PEAR can be found here:

WebTech 2005

what else to say…

ah, and yes, wish me luck 😉

Goin to sleeep

WOW, 03: 30 AM!
I’m goin’ to sleep – no more work for me today


Link in bulgarian:

what a world …

Beer temperature test
cheers 🙂