Hapy owner of 300D / Digital rebel

You are reading blog of one happy owner of Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) 🙂 😛 😉

What a beautifull sunny day

It looks like this is gonna be superb day:
– the weather is great
– I installed some cool extensions to my FireFox browser (you should try it)
forecastFox (weather 🙂 )
google page rank status
checky (you can check page validation on many standarts)
tabBrowser Preferences (the option I like most is that I can configure browser so it will open all external links in new tab, and not in new window – great stuff)

here is a list of other extensions I use:
view cookies (view cookies of current site)
html validator (based on tidy)
web developer
opanda IExif (enables seeing of exif data in pictures)
javascript debugger (great tool)

and I hope to have something else to add here in a hour 😉

Still waiting …

I am still waiting for that canon Drebel. agh … 🙁

in the meantime I bought one adapter so I can use old m42 lens on my camera. Planning to buy one m42 lens – Pentacon 200mm / L/4

we’ll see …

now … waiting ….


Last week was greatest Bulgarian national holiday. It is The day of liberation.

Today (saturday) we work since on March the 3rd we were celebrating (and not working).

I sold my Canon today

I am going to buy Canon 300D (aka Digital Rebel / Kiss) very soon. In order to fill the budget I put my Canon Powershot A80 for selling on local photo forum.

Today I sold it to its new owner.
I wish him to have great photos with it.

Spring is comming

It is cold and snowing. However it looks like the spring is coming with full power 😉

Happy Baba Martha

Bulgarians all over the world celebrate first March. On this day we give ‘martenitza’ to our friends. We say ‘Happy Baba Martha’ and wish good helth each other.

so 🙂
Happy Baba Martha and good health to you all

Canon 300D (Digital Rebel)

I am owner of Canon Powershot A80. It is an excellent photo camera for its price.

However, I need some advanced functions that SLR cameras offer. I followed pre-PMA rumours about Canon new camera. And yes, Canon did annouce new model: Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT). It has grrrreat options and functionalities. But, what interesed me most, was how will it influence on price of the 300D model. Results are very promising 🙂

Last week I was bidding on one second hand 300D.

Few seconds earlier, I got an reply from owner that I will become owner of 300D and Sigma 28-70 macro lens in two to three weeks. The price is very good, although it is still high for my budget. But this way or another – I am buying it.

keep fingers crossed until then

It is alive!!!

My dear visitors,

once upon a time there was one forum – my forum 😉
I saw that actually I use it as personal blog (since almost noone else wrote there), so i decided to write my own blog. As you can see, I am using serependity as blog system, so it is obvious that I did not write my own 🙂

I hope that you will find it interesting, and that you will share your comments with me.

long live this blog