Photo safari ;)

Pistures from 4-hour walk in near park last weekend:


Brainbench has already mailed my job role certificate, free of charge.

Now, have to wait 9 weeks 🙂

Brainbench certified Web Developer

And yes, I managed to take some time and take that two tests that I needed to earn Brainbench Web Developer Job Role certification

Hm, they don’t offer ordering this one. I will write them about this.

Bug face

I was looking at my site statistics, when I noticed few strange requests from one forum. I was interested and in a few seconds I found this thread (be carefull, lots of kB)

Interesting thing is that there is my picture there.
This one:


If you don’t know, Brainbench tests are free until April the 4th. Go and get your certificates 🙂

Btw, you can also see my results.
I am planning to get Web Developer job role, for which I need to get Programming Concepts and some SQL test (probably SQL (ANSI)) – wish me luck 😉

IT basketball

Last year Stanga (the firm where I work), won second place in football (soccer) league of IT firms in Sofia.

This year we are going for the first one 😉

Today is the first day of first IT basketball league in Sofia. And of course, I went to photograph my
colleagues. You can see some pictures from basketball here

We did not manage to the medals, but better next time 🙂

Sigma 18-125mm

Today I bought Sigma DC AF 18-125mm for Canon.

Great lens. I was planning to buy kit lens for the start, but after reading few reviews, I decided to buy this one as walk-arround lens.

Also I got Sigma multicoated UV filter.


it is time to think about what gallery script to use to show my pictures ….

any suggestions?

Even more extensions for Firefox

I have just installed few more extensions for Firefox:
mozilla archive format
target alert

Firefox, the browser!

Hapy owner of 300D / Digital rebel

You are reading blog of one happy owner of Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) 🙂 😛 😉