Hello, World!

Thanks for stopping by. The names are Robert Ivanov, but I prefer more casual Robbie, or Bobbie (which written the way they are pronounced in my native language produce the domain name: robi-bobi on the net).

I consider myself a happy and lucky person.

If you follow this site regularly, you will find out that I have many interests, in various fields.

I am citizen of R. Serbia with Bulgarian origin. At the moment living in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. Being bilingual and having kind of two backgrounds to learn from, it has helped me to have a broader look at the world around me.

I was curious kid who really loved to learn. This resulted in 12 years of highest grades for all subjects and participation in various competitions – mathematics, languages, history, physics, IT. Being a competitive person, I enjoyed sport, also. Few of my friends and classmates organized first local radio program for teens by teens. As always, yours truly was there to take part. Traditional dances were also one of my interests. Later, I had rock band which had a few performances. Thanks to my big fond of big books, it also came natural to me to try to write some novels on my own. During my student years I was salsa fan, but somehow that did not hold on for more than about three years. Bungee was something that tickled me for some time, and I jumped at year 2009.

I was a lecturer on PHP Pear subject at WebTech Conference 2005. During the winter seminar of year 2008/09 students at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics had the opportunity to listen to me in their practice on Web Development subject. At year 2009, I gave a seminar about Microstock photography.
I was teacher at local HR agency in their intensive PHP course.
Later on I co-founded learning center, where we have courses in Photography, Web development and Psychology subjects.

While at school, I saw myself as writer, rock performer, teacher (most of my primary and secondary school teachers were really good!), inventor etc. Then, in my 16-17 years, I made a clear note to myself that I should seek happiness in life, more than what others would name as success in some field.

Computers and programming were one of many interests, but somehow managed to sneak through and became my choice of career. I am working in web field as developer (and I was team leader earlier).

Somewhere during the year 2004th, I started to take photography more seriously.

I have a dog named Papi.

Right now I am Project manager at software company leading team of developers, QAs and ensuring that client’s needs are met.

I am passionate about software that improves people lives and I am working on startup to create another one – info coming soon.

In summary:

I like physics, psychology,science, books, IT, photography, music, nature, travel, cosmology, new technology, philosophy, personal development, happiness.
I am: photographer, learner, nerd, dancer, singer, developer, entrepreneur, team leader, speaker.

Thanks to my knowledge, charm and leadership, I have managed to gather friends where each one of them is better than me at something. Some of them are geniuses, science minds or art soles. Others have big harts and warm words for everyone. I am proud with people that I know.

I am a happy person 🙂

And, the summary is just what it is – lines of words. You should read between those lines.
Or, drink a glass of (__choose_your_preferred_poison__) with the author 😉