Hello, World!

Thanks for stopping by. The names are Robert Ivanov, but I prefer more casual Robbie, or Bobbie (which written the way they are pronounced in my native language(s) produce the domain name: robi-bobi on the net).

I’m in happy relationship and father of young baby boy.
Two dogs are also part of the family.

I am citizen of R. Serbia with Bulgarian origin. At the moment living in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. Being bilingual and having kind of two backgrounds to learn from, it has helped me to have a broader look at the world around me.

I care about environment, education and connecting arts and technology.
Over the years I have created and contributed to some open source projects.
I was photographer for a couple of years and had a few teaching roles in various scenarios.

In my spare time I enjoy a bit of unplugged woodworking, which is my main hobby at the moment.

I have worked as developer, team leader and tech manager for more than 15 years.

In March of 2015 I created my own web agency and since then have helped about 20 clients reach their goals. If you need any web service or are looking for long-term technical partner, send us a request and I’ll get in touch.